A Masterclass Guide to Selling your Mid-Size Business

A Masterclass Guide to Selling your Mid-Size Business

15 January 2021

We have some exciting news to share. Over the past several months we have been working on a brand new online Masterclass for mid-sized business owners who have decided that now, or shortly in the future, is the right time to pursue a sale of their business.

We understand that the sale of your business is one of the most important decisions of your life. That is why we have partnered with Divestopedia, a premier M&A online publication, to create this Masterclass - to give you the knowledge you need to ensure your once in a lifetime transaction maximises shareholder value.

Through this 10 part Masterclass you will acquire the knowledge to:

  • Increase your chance of a successful exit.
  • Increase your confidence when working with your M&A advisors on negotiating the best purchase price and terms.
  • Ensure that you can navigate the deal obstacles that will undoubtedly arise.
  • Learn how to prepare in order to maximize value.
  • Learn the latest M&A techniques to mitigate risk and negotiate better terms.

The masterclass is supported by four internationally recognised M&A professionals, including Spectrum Co-Founder and Managing Director Simon Davies; Michael Carter, Managing Director of Carter Morse & Goodrich in Connecticut; Bill Snow, acclaimed author in the field of M&A and Managing Director of Jordan, Knauff & Company in Chicago and John Carvalho, President of Stone Oak Capital Inc and Divestopia Inc in Canada. These professionals provide unbiased and unfiltered advice on the process.

The virtual masterclass thoroughly explores the following topics:

  • Selecting the M&A Advisory Team
  • Strategic Positioning and Preparation
  • Valuation
  • Marketing the Deal
  • Letters of Intent
  • Competitive Auction Process
  • Negotiations
  • Due Diligence/ Management Presentation
  • Definitive Agreement
  • Deal Obstacles

Founder of Divestopedia Inc and course contributor John Carvalho said, “In preparation for the Masterclass, we sought out the most respected M&A professionals as participants. We also believed an international panel would highlight the similarities of issues encountered globally when selling a mid-sized business. As we searched for our Masterclass professional from the UK/Europe, we came across Simon’s profile. It was immediately apparent that his expertise was world-class. Spectrum Corporate Finance’s reputation as a leading corporate finance advisory firm was also evident.

Simon’s concise explanation of complex M&A topics will bring tremendous value to business owners that enrol in the Masterclass. We are extremely proud of the lessons and insights from this program. Simon's participation in the Masterclass was a significant contribution to making this highest quality content and ultimate companion guide to selling a mid-sized business.”

For more information about the Masterclass please visit the Divestopedia site, or alternatively contact Simon Davies for a confidential discussion about initiating a sales process.

“We are all extremely proud of the content that has come together in this masterclass. It has been really interesting exploring these topics with other mid-market advisers and the result is an invaluable insight into the process for anyone considering a future business sale.” Simon Davies, Managing Director, Spectrum Corporate Finance

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