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  • Sector: Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT)
  • Deal type: Acquisition, Debt Advisory
  • Deal size: Undisclosed
  • Year: 2019
  • Lead partner: Simon Davies


Ian Milne Julia Carruthers Julie Lada Simon Davies Simon Sherliker

Spectrum Corporate Finance successfully advised Palatine Private Equity and portfolio company The Cyberfort Group, on the acquisition of Auriga Consulting, and a debt raise through LGT and Santander to part-fund the purchase and refinance the business.

As a centre of excellence in cyber security, assurance and monitoring services, Auriga offers bespoke solutions in risk and compliance management, cyber-design and implementation and cyber monitoring and intelligence. With a track record of supporting high profile international government departments, Auriga also adds considerable expertise in working with public sector organisations to The Cyberfort Group.

Auriga brings with it an internally developed SOC and SIEM solution, operating under the Compass and Cybergator brands, that will form the fourth and final strategic area of capability; completing Cyberfort Group’s four-pillared approach to data security: protect, detect, advise and shield.

As the fourth business to join The Cyberfort Group, Auriga will join ultra-secure cloud and managed services provider, The Bunker, penetration testing specialist, Arcturus, and cyber-security consultancy, Agenci.

Spectrum acted as buy-side advisors to Palatine and The Cyberfort Group, assisting with the initial offer and negotiations, financial modelling, heads of terms, documentation reviews and completion process.

The Spectrum Debt Advisory team were also engaged by Palatine and The Cyberfort Group to take them through the process of increasing borrowing facilities to support the acquisition of Auriga and refinance the business. This involved presenting to lenders, deal structuring, securing credit approvals, negotiation of terms and handling banking legal documentation.

“Spectrum's support was invaluable in helping us complete the acquisition of Auriga Consulting by The Cyberfort Group. The team were incredibly professional throughout, added significant value in key negotiations as well as delivering vital sector insight. The team are down to earth and user friendly and I look forward to working with them again in the future.” Andy Strickland, Senior Investment Director at Palatine
“Auriga marks the second bolt-on acquisition we’ve made for The Cyberfort Group, and demonstrates the scalability of the firm as we complete its four-pillar approach. In a little under two years, we’ve established a truly end-to-end data security provider, which offers clients a full scope of services to protect vital information. We are confident this acquisition will provide a platform for significant further growth in the future.” Tony Dickin, Partner at Palatine Private Equity
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